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lovely game. i was curious where you got your enemy battler images and plugins.

Reminds me of my old Monstruct Making system with a few tweaks. Nice!

Very interesting and fun game! It uses the Rpg Maker battle mechanics in a clever way, it kind of reminded the old nintendo Ds's Digimons' games. Also, i did not notice any bugs on my playtest. The concept of the game is truly outstanding, you did a nice job, hadecynn!

I was interested this game, somehow I saw it on RMN. And Finally I can play this game!!

Thanks for letting me know your interest, I hope the game can match your expectations and you enjoy it!

So this game is really cool, but it froze early on for me. Just after Chik left the house, and I was told about looking at my monstons in the inventory, I did so and accidentally pressed "Use" on my high quality rat, and the game just froze. Just a heads up!

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Thanks for catching that! I'll fix it for V1.04. Hope you're enjoying the game!

EDIT (10/29 7:41 AM PST): Bug should be fixed. Thanks again!