A downloadable game for Windows

From the creator of Monstruct! (2017 IGMC 5th Place)
the Animations Archive, Animations Collection assets.

Accompany Evelyn and Oria as the girl and fairy duo journeys into the Abyss in hopes of breaking a heart-wrenching curse.

  • Explore the mysterious Abyss and attune to the powers and experiences of heroes from ages past.
  • Experience the sophisticated yet intuitive turn-based battle system as you create weaknesses in foes and exploit them.
  • Discover new abilities and devise new build combinations with every expedition.


This project was created specifically for the 2018 Indie Game Making Contest. Feedback and comments are welcomed and appreciated!


Release History:

11/29/2018 - Version 1.1
   - Fixed a bug where under certain circumstances the battle HUD would be invisible.
11/29/2018 - Version 1.0
   - Public release.


AbyssOfOblivionV1.1.rar 233 MB


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Ok, here we go.

1. Story looked interesting, once we did the backflash bit. I don;t quite understand Evlyn and Ooria's relationship, but I'm sure that would make more sense if I'd been able to beat the final creature on level 10. but worth looking more into.

2. Too many battles. I'm not one for battles in games anyway, I like to be able to breeze my way through enemies to get to the story, if I want to play a battle game I play dynasty warriors, where the whole thing just is fighting. I tend to skip past as many battles as possible. It's just how I play, other players will probably enjoy the challenge and battles.

3. While helpful, the constant tutorial screens becam rather bothersome after a while, I skipped through most of them because I wanted to get on with the game.

4. Having Oria become different weapons was really cool, and I liked the Attuning concept and overall the battles seems well balanced (but again, I don't like battles so they all felt a bit hard to me, and I didn't like that suddenly enemies were resistant to my skills and attacks) Also, sometimes the skills would all show up as ??? when I had them all added, and then the next time I clicked they'd all be there in the space of the same battle, very odd.

Generally the game seemed solid. There was no reason I could see for the timer. All that did was make me feel pressured and uncomfortable, and I didn't really explore as much as I could have. Not exactly my cup of tea game wise, but a solid effort none the less and I'm sure many other payers will enjoy it!

Hey there! Just finished the game and I have to say I was highly impressed by it! I really like how everything gels together for battles and I'm engrossed in where the story is going. A highlight that I really enjoyed was how each attack would be less effective which incentives you to constantly use skills rather then spam attack or just the one good skill you find. And I really like what you did with the Blind state, that was a genius move on your part and really had me in a panic when it first happened. The battle system really shines with the first boss and all the mechanics come together. It took me three tries, all failures on my part, but I was finally able to take her down.

There wasn't much to flesh out the characters and story, but of course it's a demo so I won't hold that against you and there was enough to get an grasp on the characters and enough mystery to get you asking what happens next. I hope you keep working on it and we get to see more! I'd give this two thumbs up!